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The Scott Valley is a unique and spectacular feature of the California landscape. This is a gorgeous agricultural valley situated 15 miles West of the I-5 corridor. The driveway to the Regeneration Base Camp was the Oregon California trail between 1860-1887. It is exhilarating to imagine the wagons and mule teams getting ready for the climb up Scott Mtn on their way to Weaverville, during the bygone days of the gold rush. Before that, this landscape was stewarded by the Shasta Indian people.


The valley occupies an elevation of 3000’ and is part of the Pacific Northwest Bioregion. Stunning mountains rise over a mile out of the valley floor in all directions. The metamorphic Scott Mountains reach into the northern sky, while the granitic Trinity Alps brush the southern horizon and the marble peaks of the Russian Wilderness form spectacular views to the West. In fact, we are just 1 mile from the boundary of the Trinity Alps Wilderness, a stretch of some of the most rugged and beautiful country in the West.​


Our guest accommodations are the picture of quiet, rustic beauty, however, you will find you aren’t far away from modern convenience and culture.


We are proud to call the Regeneration Base Camp our home and looking forward to sharing the joy, health and abundance we co-create here with you, our esteemed guests. 

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